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PhoneGap application development has become synonymous with mobile app development as this platform has eased the process of mobile app development considerably. PhoneGap is an open-source cross-platform mobile development framework, which is useful in building the hybrid applications by combining the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for all the mobile devices. It is considered one of the best frameworks for cross-platform mobile development. The usage of other languages like iOS objective-C, Java, etc. is eliminated when PhoneGap is used for cross-platform app development.

This open-source framework leverages the standard web technologies in order to bridge the gap between the native applications and the cross-platform apps for different mobile devices. It brings together the best of the web and the native apps by wrapping a single code base in the native containers using PhoneGap APIs for different operating systems. While the business logic is handled by the application server normally written using Java or PHP, etc., while the interaction of the users and the server is taken care of by the JavaScript and HTML5 code.

PORTFOL SOLUTIONS with immense hands-on experience in the domain of PhoneGap app development together coupled with exceptional expertise and skills have delivered several PhoneGap apps for platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Apart from the skills that our developers have acquired, we are driven by a structured development approach and a proven methodology.

A Glimpse of Exclusive PhoneGap App Development Features

  • Our services are highly cost-effective and provide value for money.
  • Our expertise and streamlined development strategies and approach ensure reduced turnaround time.
  • PhoneGap application development is customized according to the precise needs of the clients.
  • We have a talent pool of highly-skilled PhoneGap mobile developers.
  • Testing and wrapping of applications to iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone are performed.
  • Apart from PhoneGap app development, we also build PhoneGap plugins.

Backed by an Unmatched PhoneGap Application Development Team

A product is as good as the team that develops it. We firmly believe in this paradigm and hence, are focused on the quality of our team. The PhoneGap developers that we have in our team have extensive knowledge of the platform with immense command over the web standards like HTML5 and JavaScript. The developers are also updated about the latest trends in the industry and incorporate them in PhoneGap applications.

Native Apps vs Phonegap apps

Native apps are platform specific and can access the features of the devices. However, the development cost of these apps is higher than Phonegap app development cost. Moreover, as these apps are designed for a single mobile operating system, their reach is limited. Phonegap apps solve all these problems by resembling the native apps in many ways.

  • Phonegap apps are wrapped inside a native container and have access to device’s hardware features.
  • One code runs on all platforms.
  • The cost of Phonegap application development is less.

Web apps vs Phonegap Apps

Web apps are platform independent but have their share of limitations. Web Apps do not get installed on the mobile phones and it makes them slightly difficult to locate and launch. These apps cannot interact with the functionalities of the mobile device and hence, cannot use them to enhance the UX. Phonegap apps have the best features of web apps as well as the native apps.

  • Phonegap apps can send push notifications to the users.
  • Cost of Phonegap app development is in tune with web app development.
  • HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are used to build Phonegap apps just like web apps.

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