What is search engine marketing?

SEM stands for search engine marketing. It is the process of gaining traffic from visibility on search engines. The phrase is also sometimes shortened to "search marketing".

SEM is an umbrella term that covers two broad areas:

  • Gaining traffic through free SEO efforts
  • Gaining traffic through paid search advertising

Search Engine Optimization - "Likes" Don't Get Sales, SEO Does!

At Portfolsolutions, we are focused on the most important element of your website - making it profitable! To that end, we utilize the most effective organic search engine placement and link building methodologies to push your website to the first page of the organic search results of the major search engines.

Fact - 200 million searches are made each day across major search engines. Nearly 70% of those searchers do not look beyond the 1st page of the natural search results. Nearly 68% completely skip over any paid ads, which is why it is so crucial to appear on the organic or natural (non-paid) search results of major search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, and Yahoo!.

Why Search Engine Placement?

  • No pay-per-click fees - No competitors or "researchers" clicking away on your sponsored link advertising and running out your budget!
  • Levels the playing field between your website and your competitor's website by allowing your website to be displayed on the 1st page rankings of the search engine results as well.
  • PNo need to worry about ever-increasing click fees.
  • More visitors to your site since your site will be appearing on the left side of the search results. The English speaking world reads left to right. In addition, the left side is more trusted as it is part of the natural search engine results.
  • Consistent search engine ranking and visibility of your site for as long as you are a client with us.
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Low cost - you can save thousands by hiring us!

We do all the search engine optimization work for you. We do both on-site and off-site optimization! Almost every customer asks, so might as well say it here, although we still create custom meta tags for the site, meta tags play a very small role in the overall search engine optimization process of the site. There is quite a bit more search engine optimization work involved in placing a site on the first page of major search engines.

Results Driven Search Engine Marketing Company

Search engine marketing

SEM is a discipline of internet marketing which aims to improve the visibility of a business’ website in both organic and paid search results. The overall focus of search engine marketing is to improve the number of leads and sales being generated online.

Everything we do at PopArt focuses on increasing the return on our client’s online investments. There are hundreds of factors which all come into the equation whilst we are developing strategies to skyrocket ROI with online marketing.

Increase traffic:

This where our AdWords qualified staff professionally setup, manage and optimise your AdWords account to ensure that the highest possible volumes of qualified traffic are being driven to your website at the lowest possible cost.

Measure results:

In this stage our team take a detailed look at the results of your online advertising and track when and why a visitor either converts or does not convert any page of your website. Doing this means we can gain insight into where there is room for improvement and make informed decisions as to how a greater ROI could be achieved.

Convert visitors:

Conversion optimisation is the third fundamental element of search engine marketing and involves taking action based on the insight gained in the analytical stage. Thousands of elements within a website can undergo testing and redevelopment to ensure they are contributing to a successful user experience and therefore doing their part to generate conversions.

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