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So what is the magic in the three letters – SEO? We will explain! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing user traffic on your website by improving site ranking for specific keywords and phrases in search result of popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. With a search engine optimized site, your business gets noticed when it matters most. It attracts more people who are looking for precisely the products, services and information you provide. It is a systematic process whereby several on-site and off-site factors are worked upon to improve natural (or unpaid) ranking of a website compared to millions of competitors.

Our SEO techniques help you sell online regardless of your technical ability, increases your website traffic and visibility on the net. Thus, increasing your Profits. We have a proven multi-step process that ensures your website not just ranks well but also improves the conversion rates. What’s more, constant optimization efforts of SEO company in Chennai will ensure that your website stays on top of organic search ranking for longer periods.

Our Search Engine Optimization services can:

  • Improve ranking of your website
  • Increase visitor count to your site
  • Provide better ROI
  • Generate more leads and business
  • Retain ranking for a longer period

To ensure top positions of your website, our Search Engine Optimization tasks include:

  • Site traffic analysis
  • Page Rank and Domain age analysis
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Meta Tags creation and optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Video Optimization
  • Header Tags Optimization
  • Anchor Tag Optimization
  • Hyperlink Optimization
  • Optimize Cascading Style Sheets
  • HTML Code Structure Improvement
  • Navigation and File Structure Improvement
  • Broken links analysis & correction
  • Search engine friendly URL suggestion
  • Content Optimization
  • HTML Sitemap creation and optimization
  • XML Sitemap creation and submission
  • Page Load Analysis
  • 301 Redirect Analysis
  • 404 Error Optimization
  • Robots.txt file creation and optimization
  • Link building strategies
  • Google analytics integration
  • Yahoo / Bing webmaster setup
  • Press Release submission
  • Article submission
  • Directory submission
  • Blog submission
  • Pay Per Click

Now that you have a fair knowledge of SEO and how it works, read on to get some basic questions answered.

Why do I need Search Engine Optimization for my website?

Having an attractive website does not mean your site is found by search engines like Google and Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization helps your website get visibility on the web, which in turn lets your target audience find your products and services online. A well optimized website drives huge traffic to your website and helps to turn the site visitors into sales leads. Your competitors that are doing well are winning business by being listed high in the search engines.

Do I need SEO services for my website?

Not always. Before starting an SEO campaign, we help you analyze and determine whether there is a need to optimize your website, based on website age, search keywords, target audience, etc. We determine whether return on investment in SEO services is justified for your business or not. In some cases, we recommend that SEO will not be much advantageous to your business. To find out whether your site needs SEO, please contact us at +91 9092 69 2078.

How much do I pay for getting SEO services for my website?

The cost depends on your requirements and factors like time it takes to implement and manage your SEO campaign, the complexity of your site, your products and services range, your target audience. We offer various packages to fit your requirements as well as your budget.

How long does it take to see results?

SEO services often seem as if it is about making few modifications to parts of your website. But SEO is a long term strategy and regular changes lead to incremental improvements and therefore only expert SEO services can be relied on for such a job. We do not use techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner, known as “Black Hat” SEO practices. These techniques deliver only short term traffic and may lead to your website getting black-listed too. After the initial project setup we recommend a 12 months services contract whereby we analyze, report and improve your SEO campaign to deliver long term results.

What is ethical best practice SEO?

This means adopting safe strategies that are consistent with the guidelines provided by the search engines. We use efficient search engine optimization techniques to get your website ranked higher, and stay away from anything that might not be as per the guidelines set out by search engines.

How do I measure my site performance after getting SEO services?

There are a number of simple checks that you can make to determine this, including search engine ranking, website traffic, Alexa rank. Our easy-to-understand reports help you to measure your site’s performance.

Do you offer result guarantee?

As a starter, beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings. Due to the nature of SEO it is impossible to offer specific guarantees. However, we can guarantee our effort for the search engine optimization services we offer and we can guarantee to be ethical in SERVICE. Our past successful SEO services that have resulted in our client’s high rankings represent guarantee that we will provide you the same high standards of work that we used to create their success. With our pay per click advertising service, the volume of search engine positions and traffic can be guaranteed. We avoid using search positions as the only measure of success, because some top positions may not deliver traffic. Always remember that being top for search positions is only beneficial if it delivers quality traffic that converts to sales leads.

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