Why is Facebook advertising the best marketing opportunity ever?

Before the Internet it was unusual for an average person to invest in advertising. Many companies used yellow pages, but not all. Even in the first decade of the 21st century, only a few companies used online advertising. For many people pay per click was too expensive and too complicate.

What makes Facebook advertising different?

Advertising on Facebook offers completely unique opportunities:

  • Facebook ads can reach the same number of users like radio or TV, maybe even more, in any country.
  • Facebook has sophisticated targeting like AdWords, although based on different criteriums. Minimum cost per day is $1.
  • Facebook offers the cheapest cost for 1000 impressions in history.
  • The average cost for 1000 impressions are $0.25. That is only 1% of costs you should pay for tv commercials.
  • Facebook ads are a great tool for brand awareness, have good options for targetting the audience, require very little commitment and have affordable prices.

This means that if you spend $1 on Facebook ads, you will find yourself in front of 4000 people, who will have the opportunity to hear about you. If you use this opportunity and your competitors don’t, you will be the winners in the game of creating awareness of your brand in your target niche.

How to advertise business on Facebook?

The proces is simple and it consist of 3 steps:

Creating a Facebook page - one of the easiest and free ways to communicate with your potential customers. Beside informations about the company is necessary to have an attractive Facebook cover image and a unique company logo design.

Connecting with people – you can create several ads with a target based on location, demographic and interests.

Engaging the audience – publishing quality content, status and their promotion in order to engage customers and their friends.

Facebook compaigns and return on investment

Organic promotion on facebook without advertising is a difficult and time-consuming process with little effects.

Through posts promotion you can achieve 10 to 100 times more exposure for your page. On the following link you can see the case studies of brands which achieve a great ROI using facebook advertising.

Types of Facebook advertising

Before deciding for a Facebook campaign, it is crucial to understand different types of advertising which exists. Depending on the goal you want to achieve, you can use different types of ads:

  • Visits and leads for web site
  • Likes and engagement for your site
  • Installation for mobile and desktop applications
  • Invite visitors to your store or event

As you can see, Facebook offers different types of advertising which can be customized according to the specific situations and needs. Whenever possible, we recommend testing different ad formats in order to discover which one are the most effective and bring you the best results with lowest costs.

If you need a professional company which will do this job for you, contact PopArt for forming a strategy and undertaking specific marketing activities.

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