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There are more than 1.5 Million Android Apps available in Google Play and close to 40 Thousand Apps added every month. With Android emerging as market leaders in mobile platform, it becomes necessary to have your App in Android more than iOS. The hardware which runs Android are also available in wide ranges which makes them the most viable platform to use for your startup ideas or for your business.

Android is a preferred platform for major business houses because of the availability of cheap devices and an easy way to push apps into devices. Many restaurants, retails outlets, factories, warehouses, hospitals etc.. have started using android apps for their internal applications.

We present you some of the major advantages of having an Android application:

  • Easily target wider market
  • Low investment cost
  • Better return on investment
  • Can be easily integrated
  • Open source
  • Provides multiple sales channel
  • More preferred by the general crowd

When you choose us, you in fact choose the best developers of android applications. Each Android app developed by us is a testimony of creativity and innovation. Our highly professional team of app developers is an expert in blending the latest technology with the specific needs of your business.With our base of operations in Chennai, India,Australia. They are dedicated to building apps which are convenient, easy to access as well as compatible. Our team has the expertise to explore the complex Android SDK platform and also make the best use of all the high-end resources in order to come up with performance-oriented applications. In order to make the applications attractive and user-friendly, they optimize developmental tools like software libraries, debugger, documentation, handset emulator based on QEMU, sample code, tutorials etc.

Our experienced team also works on several extensions in Java,J2EE as well as application inventors to build the best Android application for our clients. Thus each Android app developed by us, is driven towards giving its users the best experience as well as improving your ROI.

Our app developers guarantee you:
  • Interactive and user-friendly applications
  • Cross device functionality across Android devices
  • Clean and modern UI designs
  • Guaranteed approval on Play store
  • Regular updates with best features
  • Source code security along with non-disclosure agreement
  • Cost-effective Android applications
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Experience with all versions of Android OS
  • Seamless communication
  • 24/7 technical support

We have consistently proved our mettle as the best Android application development company through successful execution of our various projects. Till date we have built Android applications for the following domains:

  • Health
  • Music
  • Finance
  • Game
  • Multimedia
  • Maps
  • Educational
  • Travel and tourism

Thus if you are thinking of building an Android application for your business or are not happy with the performance of your present Android application, then get in touch with us. Our highly professional team will have an in-depth discussion with you to understand your requirements as well as expectations based on which they will come up with a highly customized application for you. You will get an application which will not only fulfil your requirements, but will also stand out from the crowd – thereby increasing your revenues and improving the goodwill of your company.

Publishing to Google Play

The platform to publicise, sell and distribute Android applications to users around the world is Google Play. This is done in simple steps – Register, configure, upload and publish. The Google play Android developer Console is the interface to configure and publish once the developer registration process is complete. The publishing process involves the following tasks.

1.Configure the application for release and build it in release mode. This signs the application with private release key without which the application cannot be published on Google Play.

2.Leveraging the marketing and publicity capabilities of Google Play requires the users to create several graphical assets. Two screenshots of the application and a high resolution icon must be provided at the minimum.

3.Configuring various publishing options and listing details for the application is next in the line. Countries the user wants to reach, languages the user wants to publish in, price to be charged in each country, application type, category and content writing are a part of this. Once this is done, upload the assets and application onto Google Play.

4.Click Publish in the developer console to make the application available to the world after getting satisfied with the configured publishing settings.

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