Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

Hybrid mobile app development is in immense demand these days owing to the huge popularity of the mobile apps and easy availability of smartphones that support these apps. PORTFOL SOLUTIONS as a highly reputed Hybrid mobile app development company, makes use of the most advanced platforms to create Hybrid apps that are packed with exciting and engaging features. Our Hybrid app development service brings with it a range of features and advantages. These apps are built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and a few other technologies and are quite easy and less time consuming to develop as compared to native apps.

The core application is similar for all platforms except for the fact that different native containers are used for different operating systems. With several platforms like SenchaTouch, PhoneGap, and Titanium, creating Hybrid apps has become hassle-free for the developers. Even in the terms of ROI, Hybrid mobile application scores higher than other types of mobile apps.

PORTFOL SOLUTIONS has strengthened its foothold in the Hybrid mobile app development industry for the past few years with our undying efforts. The passion to work tirelessly to earn the appreciation of the client stems from our dedication to the technology and our work. Over these years, we have successfully served hundreds of clients from all over the world who vouch for our quality and attributes like timeliness, accessibility, and others.

Qualities that make us stand out from the crowd

  • Highly interactive app user interface for maximum user engagement.
  • Error free HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code for flawless app design and navigation.
  • Enhanced access to the device features like geolocation, sensors, and camera.
  • Expert developers handle the project ensuring timely delivery with impeccable quality.
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • Non-disclosure agreement.

Our prized Hybrid mobile application development team

Hybrid apps developers at PORTFOL SOLUTIONS are supremely skilled and deft with a great command over technologies like CSS3, JavaScript, JQtouch, HTML5, and several development frameworks. Implementing these technologies, they are able to build Hybrid apps that are no less than native apps and way better than the web apps. Well-versed with Titanium, PhoneGap, and Sencha, the developers have exposure to mobile apps belonging to several genres. No wonder we are counted among the leading app development companies across 80 countries in the world.

Native Apps vs Hybrid apps

Native apps are platform specific and can access the features of the devices. However, the development cost of these apps is higher than Hybrid app development cost. Moreover, as these apps are designed for a single mobile operating system, their reach is limited. Hybrid apps solve all these problems by resembling the native apps in many ways.

  • Hybrid apps are wrapped inside a native container and have access to device’s hardware features.
  • One code runs on all platforms.
  • The cost of hybrid application development is less.

Web apps vs Hybrid Apps

Web apps are platform independent but have their share of limitations. Web Apps do not get installed on the mobile phones and it makes them slightly difficult to locate and launch. These apps cannot interact with the functionalities of the mobile device and hence, cannot use them to enhance the UX. Hybrid apps have the best features of web apps as well as the native apps.

  • Hybrid apps can send push notifications to the users.
  • Cost of Hybrid app development is in tune with web app development.
  • HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are used to build Hybrid apps just like web apps.

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