Hospital Management System

PHMIS(Portfol Hospital Management Information System) is a complete Hospital/Medical Centre automation solution covering all of the processes Hospital may have including Patients Admissions & Discharge, Operation Theater Management, Pharmacy Sales & Stock Management, Laboratory & Tests Management, Doctors/Staff Management, Patient Accounts Management, Comprehensive Reporting options allowing to generate categorized income reports such as admissions, operations/procedures, pharmacy sales, laboratory income reports, high level executive revenue reports on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

It includes different Modules such as Patients Admission module, Operation Theater Management Module, Pharmacy Module, Laboratory Module, Reports Module

  • Patient Appointment
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Billing
  • Ward Management
  • Lab Management
  • Medical Record Department
  • Reports
  • Accounting Billing

Electra is having a comprehensive approach to handle the front desk pressure without much effort and very effectively manages the patient registration, appointment scheduling and all enquiries related to taking an appointment, availability of specialist doctors and info on the admitted patients. This module offers a very user friendly Medical Registration form, which covers virtually all aspects of a patient, which include all personal, physical and demographic details. It also enables the records for the Insured patients. Electra HMIS is also capable to handle overseas patient.

Features of Patient registration and enquiry module:

  • Captures detailed information of a patient
  • Patient image capture and storage.
  • Mandatory fields for crucial patient information.
  • Alerts in place to prevent erroneous data entry.
  • Checks duplicate and junk data entry.
  • Automatically generates a unique MR no.
  • Enquiry assistance for Current In-patient details.
  • Advanced multi-criteria search for registered patients.
  • Bar code generation and scanning facility.
  • Provision for recording Insurance Details.
  • Provision for recording overseas patient details.

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