Pay per click advertising – powerful way to get target visitors

Pay per click advertising is a great way to get visitors when you need them most. This is the type of sponsored online advertising used by different web sites, including search engines, where the advertiser pays only if a web user clicks on his ad, therefore the term 'pay per click'.

The search engines like Google and Bing allow companies and individuals to purchase listings in search results. These listings appear together with natural or organic search results which are free.

Advantages and disadvantages of ppc advertising

PPC Advantages

I. PPC advertising can generate the traffic at any time. If people search for keywords that you set within the ad you will get clicks at the moment the ad is activated.

II. Unlike to natural search marketing and other forms of advertising, which can take weeks or even months to bring results, PPC campaigns can bring results within a few days or even hours. This provides an ability to adapt fast to market conditions.

III.The PPC price can have big variations - sometimes it can happen that you find target keywords for top positions for a very affordable price. In this situation the PPC is a great solution because you can generate traffic with minimal costs.

PPC disadvantages

I. PPC advertising can cost a fortune. It is easy to get in a trap, if you want to maintain the first position for a particular keyword. This can be very expensive if you have a very popular keyword, which will affect the price. Another thing that can affect the costs are the spammer clicks, which can fast and easily spend all your money.

II. A large number of PPC services does the segmentation results on different search engines and other sites through partnership networks. The aim is that your listing appears only on Google and Bing and not on the dark parts of the Internet. Statistical data and site traffic can be good, but you will need to pay special attention to partner networks campaign management if you want to get a profit. The biggest disadvantage of this type of advertising is that if you stop paying, you will lose your position, unlike to SEO optimization which has longer lasting results.

Is ppc advertising necessary for my business?

Most companies can not rely on PPC advertising because it is quite expensive, but in combination with other forms of Internet marketing can bring great results. PPC fulfills several important requirements and if your goals match with them, you should take advantage of it:

Campaigns for generate traffic in a specific situation - If you have a short-term campaign for a new product or service, PPC can be a great way to attract attention and get target visitors. If you need a focus for a limited time period, PPC is the best solution.

Business with a direct response - if you sell a product or offer a service which users can immediately order on your site, PPC is a great tool. Sites for online sale are a great example, where every generated click is a potential customer, therefore is the investment definitely worth it.

The target market niche - if you are trying to get traffic for a specific keyword related to your niche, PPC can provide maximum results.

All depends on your focus. Natural SEO is a long term strategy with the aim of spreading the brand and popularity, while PPC advertising is a marketing technique which should be used for short and medium term goals.

What is your next step?

PPC is a very powerful marketing tool and should not be ignored. It is important to focus on conversions and return on investments, not only on clicks.

To accomplish this a serious approach is needed which consists of the following steps:

  • Conversion measurement
  • Conversion measurement
  • Finding relevant keywords for the niche
  • The art of writing ads
  • Quality assurance (ads, destination content)

To achieve maximum effects and fulfill the above mentioned criteria necessary for a successful PPC campaign, contact PopArt Studio and acquaint yourself with our services.

Our Pay per click advertising services that will improve your ads

  • Google Adwords advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • Strategic planning
  • Keyword research
  • Creating text ad
  • Campaign leading
  • A/B campaign testing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Expert consultations

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